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The academy is committed to academic excellence and graduate employ ability education. The current programmes Professional Diploma in Interior Architecture Design, Professional Diploma in Hotel and Culinary Management and Professional Diploma in Mechatronic Engineering will be further strengthened with the addition of the new industry that serve critical workforce needs for the nation.

The graduates of these programmes will have knowledge and skills that will bring about a better tomorrow. These programmes will be positioned to meet market needs. Private and public sector cooperation will result in creating a regional hub for continuing lifelong professional training and development for our graduates. We will work closely with partners from different sectors, sharing ideas on working better together, resulting in exciting and ground-breaking “academic-work-place” collaborations.


The mission of Blue Pillar Academy is to create the next generation of professionals to lead and serve the global community. Building on a tradition of excellence, and delivers an unmatched educational experience – offering a faculty of practicing professionals, innovative programs of design, progressive curriculum and a student-centered approach, all enriched by the historic, vibrant and diverse culture of Malaysia.

Blue Pillar Academy remains committed to being recognized as a premier school of integrated design for its innovation, creative collaboration and passion for exploration.


In putting our efforts we are committed and continuously expanding our academy expecting to be reach in Johor, Kedah, Perak and throughout Malaysia. Our goal in these states is to create opportunities for both staff and student to effectively contribute to their respective countries’ vision for the future. We are indeed proud of our role in conducting the brand of UTMSPACE to continue the education for Malaysia.


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By taking this course, your success in your career is assured. And you’re guaranteed a perfect result every time.

On successfully completing these courses, you will receive the Professional Diploma / Professional Certificate from the
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTMSPACE) – (School of Professional and Continuing Education).

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Interior Architecture Design

How To Become An Interior Designer course contains everything you need to know in order to prepare to work as an interior designer. Interior design is a popular career choice for many people who have an interest in the visual arts and home décor, and this profession can be both creatively and financially fulfilling. However, it is important to understand not only the fundamentals of interior design, but also the practical side of working in this competitive industry.

Hotel & Culinary Management

Courses in Hotel Management and Hospitality can include hoteliary operational aspects with many topics that include a range from management, marketing, leisure, tourism to event management, and others. Students taking hospitality in professional diploma can expect to be taught on skills to effectively and efficiently carry out the relevant roles they are assigned with such as overseeing the reception desk, managing restaurant operations, management, and many more at the workplace.

Mechatronic Engineering

Have you seen the movie ‘Real Steel’, the one with the fighting robots and ever wondered if you could possibly create something like that one day? Do you believe that the future is going to consist of smart intelligent robots capable of making decisions? If so, do you then, want to be part of the reason that becomes a reality? Do you also know that the term ‘mechatronic’ did not originate from a certain Decepticon Transformer made famous by the movies? Then Mechatronic Engineering studies in Malaysia might just be for you.

It may seem surreal but a diploma  in Mechatronics actually produce engineers that build intelligent machines, able to be aware of their surroundings and make decisions. Their complex nature is made out of several parts: the mechanism itself, the sensation, the control and operating system. The opportunities available to develop such intelligent machines are ever evolving.


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1. Excellent communication skills

Whatever your role that you aspire for, you do need to have effective communication skills that you can depend on to work your way through in the industry. It takes more than being competent at your job as you are expected to communicate with almost everybody at work including your colleagues, employers and most importantly, your customers. With that being said, try to polish up on your verbal and written communication skills before you’re geared up to step into the industry.

2. Good customer service attitude

There’s a reason why the saying Customers are always right is incredibly popular when you’re working in the hospitality industry. You will be frequently interacting with people who consist of your customers and you need to keep in mind to be fully prepared in meeting their demands however necessary. Be friendly and helpful and you’ll be on the right track in keeping your customers happy that can leave positive feedback on your performance and customer services!

3. Sufficiently trained

If you want to create a steady progress in establishing your career, then it is crucial to start building your knowledge and skills through proper training and qualifications before entering the working field. Obtaining training and exposure can help you increase your relevancy and value to the industry as well as being prepared in managing different roles and situations. Basically, the entire workforce consists of complex systems and expectations which demands its future employees like you to be ready at handling problems efficiently by understanding the way things truly work.

4. Strong understanding of different cultures

Having a sense of cultural awareness is vital for every individual in the hospitality industry in terms of understanding the different cultural backgrounds, religions, races and nationalities of customers. You need to have an open-minded outlook as well as appreciating the individual uniques of each person if you seek to make your customers and colleagues comfortable in cooperating with you.

5. Cooperative to work with others

Similar to other industries out there, being cooperative to work with others in teams is still equally important. This willingness to achieve common goals with others include being open-minded to receive instructions from team members and ensuring that the people you work with feel supported with your contribution and effort. Being a functional member of a team and sharing the workload and ideas can make you more successful in this field.


Here are some top reasons why you should study Mechatronic Engineering:


1. Versatile

Mechatronic Engineers are versatile. They can choose to be involved in any career
such as robotics, biomedical, computer science, automation and mechanical.


2. Job Opportunities

It is a rather new branch of study and graduates of Mechatronic Engineering have
more job opportunities as less people are aware of this field of study.


3. Creativity

In this field, engineers design the equipments and maintain it. They use
their creative skills to design different and unique equipments.


Benefits of taking this course:

1 – Growing Demand

As mentioned previously, the industry may be sizable already, but is nonetheless growing at an extraordinary pace worldwide.  Which in turn means that for those with the required qualifications, experience and creativity, it is an industry of boundless potential.

2 – Creativity

There are very few creative industries that offer such an extraordinary level of creative freedom.  It’s one thing to have a blank canvas, but when your canvas happens to be an entire interior living space, you can explore your own creativity and imagination at a much higher level.

3 – Job Satisfaction

There can be little more satisfying than bringing your creative vision to life and absolutely delighting your clients in the process.  Not only this, but there’s also the satisfaction that comes with knowing your own efforts have perhaps permanently transformed an interior space into something magnificent.

4 – Flexibility

It’s also true to say that interior design is a highly flexible and accommodating contemporary sector.  Whereas some may choose to focus on palatial residences or sprawling business complexes, others may find their niche in simpler home decorating projects and minor makeovers.

5 – Financial Rewards

Potential earnings are quite simply limitless in the interior design industry.  While those who work for established design companies may start out with a relatively modest salary, those with the strongest reputations who work for themselves can be financial rewards.